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Its feature high speed stable performance makes it ideal model for pure water production line, as well as mineral water, beverage, carbonated, etc.,volleyball-association-of-hong-kong-china-limited

Pure Water Bottle Automatic PET www ace2three com login Machine

5th-quarter-basketball-cedar-rapids,Product Introduction

uefa-league-table,Pure water bottle Automatic PET www ace2three com login Machine TURBO-6S is suitable for producing PET plastic bottles in all shapes, 6 cavities with capacity 10,000BPH, can connect with Filling line air conveyor directly. Its feature high speed stable performance makes it ideal model for pure water production line, as well as mineral water, beverage, carbonated, etc

real-casino-games,Product Parameter




9,000~10,000 BPH,new-xbox-basketball-game

2.50-lakh-dollars-in-rupees,Aluminum Mold

6 cavities,basketball-history-of-nba


live-cricket,Max Volume

750 ml,bpl-todays-fixtures


18-38 mm,american-online-games



soccer-today,Heat lamps

mia-hamm-soccer-quotes,28 pcs

indoor-volleyball-net,Heating Power

42 KW,online-poker-slovenija

Rated General Power,casumo-sign-up

history-of-handball-in-nigeria,75 KW

Air Resource

volleyball-world-cup-net-height,Low pressure

0.8-1.0 Mpa / 8-10bar,deadline-day-soccer-transfer-news

drake-basketball-injury-report,High pressure

plankton-winamax-sportif,2.6-4.0 Mpa / ≥30bar

High Pressure Air Consumption,kbo-dfs-picks


Servo System,

kendalltown-tennis-center,Preform Feeding


Preform transferring,basketball-nsw-insurance






Dimension & Weight


Main machine Size,basketball-uses-quarter

4200 * 2050 * 2400 mm,online-t20-cricket


5500 KGS,college-football-predictor-machine

querido-basketball-kobe-bryant,Product Feature

1.Intelligent Human-Machine Interface. Human-machine interface control, easy operate and monitor.,rugby-league-world-cup-2019

better-ways-to-sleep,2.Live production information supervise, auto record production data everyday

best-sport,3.Failure warning and troubleshooting.

4.Suitable to produce 10 ~ 750ml Standard neck PET container.,football-yesterday-match

basketball-rack-storage,5.Full automatic running with theoretical output capacity up to 10,000 bottles per hour for 0.75L volume with 6-cavity blow mold;

6.Multiple Reliable sensor systems monitors the machine's automatic function;,bethpage-mortgage-rates

basketball-reference-alonzo-mourning,7.Compact design that saves space

Company Information,quinnipiac-basketball-news

basketball-dribbling-iphone,Certifications: CE, SGS

Main Markets: U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc,tennis-mania


Industry Tips (Trouble shooting during PET Blow Molding and Solution),essay-on-cricket-match-between-pakistan-and-india

handball-predictions-betting-expert,OFF CENTRE BASE 


xavier-basketball-board,Gate location off centre to the mold base. As the gate moves further away from the centre, pearlescence and dimples then appear. 


If the gate is not centred to the stretch rod impact mark, it suggests an alignment problem. ,basketball-victoria-country-championships-2021

bookie-sports,1.Misalignment of the preform to the mold, nozzle or stretch rod. 

2.Inadequate mold cooling, one half-only. ,history-of-cricket-in-australia-timeline

basketball-goals-at-walmart,3.Incorrect transfer of preform from the oven to the blow mold. 

If the gate is centred to the stretch rod impact mark and not yet centred to the mould base at the end of blow, the stretch rod has lost control during blow. ,sport-casinos

basketball-insoles,1.Pre-blow too early.

2.Pre-blow pressure too high. Lower half of preform too hot. ,exercises-in-volleyball-for-beginners

3.Stretch rod incorrectly set.,new-zealand-soccer-war-dance

4.Worn stretch rod guides.,prince-of-tennis-hat

live-score-basketball,5.Bent preforms.

6.If individual station, adjust the flow restrictor.,basketball-balmain-nsw

volleyball-serve-beginner,7.Pre-blow too low, going straight to main blow.

volleyball-digging-technique,8.Stretch rod diameter too small, not able to control preform. 


volleyball-live-deutschland,If the first impacted mark is evident and is not centred to the gate, an alignment problem is usually the cause. Check for misalignment. Ensure transfer arm locates preform in mould correctly. 

volleyball-victoria-garrick,1.Realign the preform to the mould, nozzle or stretch rod. 

cricket-bookie,2.Correct the blow mould cooling. 

3.Reset transfer arm. ,cricket-sports-club

cashman-casino-real-money,4.Change to a larger diameter stretch rod. 

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