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i-league-point-table-2017,Blow molds for making plastic packages / bottles for food and beverage, Household, industrial, and agricultural chemicals, personal care, medical, and motor oil industries served.

P20 Steel PET Bottle Mold

score-hero-off-the-woodwork,Product Introduction

We manufacture P20 steel PET Bottle mold, water blow mold, Juice bottle mold, Jar mold, oil bottle mold, etc. Materials worked with include PET, high density polypropylene, polycarbonate and PVC. Blow molds for making plastic packages / bottles for food and beverage, Household, industrial, and agricultural chemicals, personal care, medical, and motor oil industries served.,tennis-uk-app

Product Parameter,world-best-cricket-betting-sites


betfred-uk-linkedin,Product Feature

handball-congo-brazzaville,Manufacturing Process: 

1.CNC Milling, to get brief bottle shape on the metal raw material;,casino-in-sikkim

2.1st caving: rough caving for brief lines on the mold. ,22bet-contact

3.2nd caving: fine caving on the ribbings and lines, to make edges and corners clear and vivid;,o'gorman-volleyball-live-stream

4.Fine polishing: surface polishing, careful on corners and pattern, more bright than common polishing;,victoria-west-basketball

5.For steel mold, electroplate, for anti-rust treatment. We adopt deep plating, so the plating will be more firmly attached to the mold surface without off, bright and lasting;,waptrick-football-games-2018

cricket-onlinecricketbetting,6.For Aluminum mold, oxidation. Same, we adopt find and deep oxidation, to extend the mold using-life. 

7.Last polishing, mainly for the parting line or called clamping line, to make it as fine as possible, also mold surface more bright. ,unselfish-basketball-quotes

historical-cricket-betting-odds,After-sale service: guarantee for 2 years, free maintenance during warranty period (except for man-made damage)

Lead time: 20-25 days after bottle drawing confirmed. ,basketball-shorts-india


volleyball-player-height,Packaging & Shipping


PET mlb games today Industrial Tips,basketball-coach-education-requirements

Uneven Wall Thickness,handballverband-westfalen-tabelle


best-college-basketball-betting-picks,Wall thickness as measured on the same circumference differs more than 0.08mm on round bottles.


1.Gate off center,livecor

2.Stretch ratio too low,bet365-virtual-cricket-tips

3.Uneven heat in preform,hero-isl-final-highlights

handball-jugadores-titulares-y-suplentes,4.Preform wall thickness differs by more than 0.15mm


1.When the gate is off center, wall thickness always increases in the direction of the gate;,scores-and-odds-golf

2.Stretch ratios above 8 are necessary to get good orientation;,betting-exchange-india

3.Preform wobbling in oven system can lead to uneven temperature,basketball-socks-cyber-monday

lucky-15-calculator,4.Core shift during preform production can lead to large wall thickness difference that the blow process cannot completely compensate.


handball-for-olympics,1.See section on this problem;

2.Run preform as cold as possible to get best orientation;,namaste-america-game-setup-download-for-pc

cricket-match-win-app,3.Watch preforms in oven system; if they wobble check clearance to mandrels. 

nebraska-volleyball-history,4.Check preform wall thickness and have it corrected if it is beyond those values. 


Ottmar Brandau (2014), The Rapid Guide to Perfect PET Bottles, Troubleshooting and Process Guide.,usa-basketball-olympics-history

Aluminum PET Bottle Mold

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